Raffi Hovanissian: “If the party becomes stronger, the public will gain”

Запись добавил News Armenia October 2nd, 2009 11:00 в раздел Новости Армении.

After a long silence, finally at a press conference Friday founder of Heritage Party Raffi Hovannisian, commented on his decision for quitting the parliamentary mandate and then later returning to the National Assembly (NA). The oppositionist and former Minister of Foreign Affairs said that he is back “responding to the persuasions of citizens who care.” And referring to Heritage inner-party problems he added: “I've had enough of resigning and apologizing on behalf of others.”

Hovannisian announced his decision to give up the mandate on September 7, as a sign of protest against the Armenian-Turkish initialed protocols. However, on September 30, the last day prescribed by law, he took back his resignation claim.

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