Foreign Policy Starts at Home: Where was “rapprochement” in election aftermath?

Запись добавил News Armenia October 2nd, 2009 11:00 в раздел Новости Армении.

Framed by the cameras of a State Television network he dictates, President Serzh Sargsyan revealed himself as a man under duress Wednesday night, appearing before his hand-picked “Public Council”. The beleaguered leader made his case to the council prior to his departure on a six-day tour of three continents, four countries, five cities, where he will try to persuade Diaspora that its opinion matters even though deals are apparently well done in the issue of Armenia-Turkey protocols.

The typically stoic, frequently glowering president occasionally flashed evidence that he is fed up with accusations and insults that have flogged him since August 31 when he sprung his surprise on his constituency – namely, his government had taken it upon itself to decide the immediate future of Armenia, minus the consent of those who would most be affected by the result.

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